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Adbhuta – Rasa 5

November 14, 2009 1 comment

“Adbhuta is wonder and curiosity. The awe that one feels when one comes across something divine and supernatural, some power or beauty that is remarkable and never seen or imagined before is Adbhuta. Adbhuta is the curiosity of man regarding the creation of the world and all its wonders, the astonishment caused by seeing something unusual and magical. The appreciation of a marvel that goes beyond the routine and the mundane is Adbhuta…”

Rather showing face with a suprise feeling I thought why not sketch a kid who keeps us wondering time and again with their questions and actions. And incidently today happens to be childrens day..

The third kid has been “captured in motion” and hence the extra hand… not much of detailing has been done here, but just something enough to give the feel…


1. The Art of Drawing, William Pogany