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First Teaching Experience

August 17, 2015 Leave a comment

This post is different from my usual ones and i think is an important one for me. The “first” of anything is always exciting, and with respect to me, here in this space would be the first sketchbook, first sketch, first blog/blog post, first tanjore painting, first recognition. In that line of firsts, this will be the first time I taught kids to dabble with charcoal and sketching in general.

Its funny how it all started when I come to think of it. A good luck card for my friends kids dance recital,with a charcoal sketch, gets the kids attention & they want to see how its done. After couple of months on Aug 8 we make it happen. From left its the creative Brecklyn, cute Alex and curious Grace.

Kids with their first charcoal sketch

Kids with their first charcoal sketch

I was actually nervous as to what I am going to show & tell them. I have never interacted with kids in a teaching capacity. When i expressed my concerns to my wife, she said i overthought about it. My concern was “how am I going to cut across through them so they can relate to what I am talking about”. This whole experience was a philosophical one for me, in a way. For 2 -3 days I was thinking “what am I going to do” and I came up with different options in my mind and then started all over again.Confused.Then when I shifted the focus from “I” to “them” I got a clear picture, a message, a flow of thought. We had some fun time for little over an hour. They drew their own creation with just little facilitation.

Later my wife said she had never seen me this patient before. Hearing that was also new to me.

And the best part was the very next day, they drew their own creation and gave it to me as a gift.  From Left to right, Brecklyn with her elephant, Alex with a cat and Grace with a rattle snake. Thank you guys!!

Kids with their original art work.

Kids with their original art work.

My first serendipitous teaching experience was a fun and memorable one. Looking forward to more!!

Ballet meets Bharathanatyam

May 29, 2015 3 comments

Inspiration comes from different sources. This time it was an invitation for my friend daughter’s dance recital. Thats when I thought  about a fusion of east meets west. While both are dance forms, singling out a pose thats similar/same was a challenge for me. But thanks to internet & my wife, I was able to narrow down to a couple of poses. I wanted to do something that mirrored eachother and also complement eachother. Hence the yinyang sketch.






Fall of the Longhorn

December 20, 2009 4 comments

Longhorn is the mascot of University of Texas, Austin. So this is representing Austin. With UT meeting Alabama for the BCS championship, am I predicting the result here… lets c.  This is the last of the Texas category but also the start of my next theme, Elements of Nature. This sketch representing Land.


1. Drawing Scenary – Landscapes and seascapes, Jack Hamm.

Wild wild west 2

December 15, 2009 3 comments

This is representing the rest of texas, which is for the most part dry and barren.


1. Drawing scenary, landscapes and seascapes, Jack Hamm.

Wild Wild West – The good and the bad

December 10, 2009 6 comments

Dallas , among other things is famous for its football team, Cowboys and its cheer leaders. So a couple of cowboys to represent Dallas.

Moving on to the technical aspect,In a good action figure drawing, it should evident what has happened and /or what is about to happen.If the point in the action which you choose to depict epitomizes the entire maneover your drawing will be perceived and understood as moving figure, says Ron Tiner.


1. Figure Drawing without a Model, Ron Tiner

Go Coogs

December 5, 2009 4 comments

This time, I just happened to stumble upon another theme – TEXAS . The very mention of the name texas, people relate it to the land of cowboys. True but that aint gonna be the first sketch. For the uninitiated, Austin, Dallas and Houston are the three major cities in Texas. I intend to draw something that relates with each city. I am a U of H alumni, so this one is representing Houston and University of Houston. Cougar, a mountain lion, is the mascot of U of H. I have tried to portray it here.

For the first time, I completed a sketch without erasing and in a single sitting, watching ‘pasanga’ side by side. I have used 4H, H and 4B pencils here.

Ref :

1. Pencil Drawing Techniques, David Lewis.