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Bhaya – Rasa 7

Bhaya is fear. The subtle and nameless anxiety caused by a presentiment of evil, the feelings of helplessness evoked by a mighty and cruel ruler, and the terror felt while facing certain death are all aspects of bhaya. The fear for one’s well being and safety is supposed to be the most primitive feeling known to man. Bhaya is the feeling evoked while facing something that is far bigger and more powerful than oneself and which is dead set on one’s destruction, a feeling of being overwhelmed and helpless. Dread, cowardice, agitation, discomposure, panic and timidity are all aspects of the emotion of fear. Bhaya is also used to characterize that which causes fear. People and circumstances that cause others to cower in terror before them are as central to portrayal of this rasa as those feeling the fear…..

An anxiety has been tried to portray here.

All the while, I have been trying to portray the rasas in a symbolic fashion, thoughts, reactions, bodily movements and consciously avoided portraying it as expressions of the face. I do not know whether I ll be able to hold on to my stand for the remaining two rasas.

The last of the two rasas – Karuna and Shanta are consuming more time than expected . Hence I shall post them after a brief gap.


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