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November 28, 2009 2 comments

This post is close to my heart as this is my first sketch which I can say is  my own( no ref included).  I have used a simple concept here – Projecting white in black.

In all my previous sketches and sketches henceforth, its always a black on white background and when one deviates from the norm it sure does make heads turn. I had to scout for the right figure to portray in this type of sketch as only an outline can be shown without any details.  And for those white spots u c, I did try to cover them up as much as i can but sometimes I accidently encroached into the sketch. Hence just posted it as it is. So much of charcoal for the sketch that I did not really sketch!!

Bhaya – Rasa 7

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Bhaya is fear. The subtle and nameless anxiety caused by a presentiment of evil, the feelings of helplessness evoked by a mighty and cruel ruler, and the terror felt while facing certain death are all aspects of bhaya. The fear for one’s well being and safety is supposed to be the most primitive feeling known to man. Bhaya is the feeling evoked while facing something that is far bigger and more powerful than oneself and which is dead set on one’s destruction, a feeling of being overwhelmed and helpless. Dread, cowardice, agitation, discomposure, panic and timidity are all aspects of the emotion of fear. Bhaya is also used to characterize that which causes fear. People and circumstances that cause others to cower in terror before them are as central to portrayal of this rasa as those feeling the fear…..

An anxiety has been tried to portray here.

All the while, I have been trying to portray the rasas in a symbolic fashion, thoughts, reactions, bodily movements and consciously avoided portraying it as expressions of the face. I do not know whether I ll be able to hold on to my stand for the remaining two rasas.

The last of the two rasas – Karuna and Shanta are consuming more time than expected . Hence I shall post them after a brief gap.


1. The Art of Drawing, Willim pogany


Bhibatsya – Rasa 6

November 21, 2009 2 comments

“Bhibatsya is disgust. The emotion evoked by anything that nauseates us, that revolts or sickens us is Bhibatsya. When something comes to our notice that is coarse and graceless, beneath human dignity, something which revolts or sickens us it is Bhibatsya that we feel…”

This picture depicts a reaction to something really disgusting.


1. The Art of Drawing, William Pogany


Javelin Throw

November 18, 2009 2 comments

4 more rasas left..getting a bit monotonous.. Just took a break …

AlsoI wanted to try something in different genre.  This one depicts his  strides moments before the javelin is ‘off’ his hands….This one is truly “captured in motion”..Simple sketching with 2B pencil.

Ref :

1. Figure sketching without a model, Ron Tiner

Adbhuta – Rasa 5

November 14, 2009 1 comment

“Adbhuta is wonder and curiosity. The awe that one feels when one comes across something divine and supernatural, some power or beauty that is remarkable and never seen or imagined before is Adbhuta. Adbhuta is the curiosity of man regarding the creation of the world and all its wonders, the astonishment caused by seeing something unusual and magical. The appreciation of a marvel that goes beyond the routine and the mundane is Adbhuta…”

Rather showing face with a suprise feeling I thought why not sketch a kid who keeps us wondering time and again with their questions and actions. And incidently today happens to be childrens day..

The third kid has been “captured in motion” and hence the extra hand… not much of detailing has been done here, but just something enough to give the feel…


1. The Art of Drawing, William Pogany


Veera – Rasa 4

November 11, 2009 2 comments

“Veera is heroism. It represents bravery and self-confidence. Manliness and valiance are the trademarks of a Veer or a fearless person. Courage and intrepidity in the face of daunting odds is heroism. Boldness in battle, the attitude with which martyrs go to war, and the valour with which they die are all aspects of heroism..”

Simple  sketching using 2B and 3B pencils. I am not quite happy for the fact that the image here is less than 1/3 of the original size that was scanned. But nothing could be done coz  if I were to upload it the way the sketch is, people  have to crane their necks to see it.


1. The Art of drawing, William Pogany


Hasya.. Rasa 3

November 7, 2009 7 comments

“Hasya it the rasa used to express joy or mirth. It can be used to depict simple lightheartedness or riotous laughter and everything in between. Teasing and laughing with a friend, being amused and carefree or simply feeling frivolous and naughty..”


1. The Art of Drawing, William Pogany