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Rowdra – Rasa1

I thought doing a sketch based on a theme. The first one to strike my mind was navarasas (9 emotions) .Wikipedia defines rasa as “something that denotes an essential mental state and is the dominant emotional theme of a work of art or the primary  feeling that is evoked in the person that views, reads or hears such a work” . Rasas give colour to human life. The nine rasas are

1. Shringara 2. Hasya 3. Bhibatsya 4. Rowdra 5. Shanta 6. Veera 7. Bhaya 8. Karuna 9. Adbhuta

Case in point – Rowdra

Rowdra is anger and all its forms. Outrage over audacious behaviour and disobediaence, the fury caused by an offense, the rage evoked by disrespect and anger over injustice are all forms of Rowdra.

In this sketch, a symbolic representation is used to explain Rowdram.. Imagine how much anger should one guy have over the other person  so as to think of squeezing a guy like a sheet of paper.

A more interested reader can refer these links to know more abt rasas.



Ref : The Art of Drawing, William Pogany

  1. Keshav Magge
    October 31, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    rowdra rasa translates to “rage”. This sketch depicts cruelty more than rage. Someone enraged may not smash anyone but still be enraged. This doesnt preclude the fact that the sketch is impressive.

  2. October 31, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    Thanks keshav..
    This sketch is a superlative degree of rage. I think the fury/rage within a person culminates into a cruel action. Also cruelty need not necessarily translate into an act of violence, it can be intentions too. Here I have said one is so furious over the other that he is thinking of crushing him. Just a thought has been given a form. I guess both of us are on the same page now 😛

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